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Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Lieutenant General Colonel
Saori Arai Yang Zhi
Current Roster: 6 Players Overall Public Reputation: 14
Current Employer: Draconis Combine Current Contract: DC-PH-06-01
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 15th of April, 3076
Unit Description
As of 3093 the Aura Wings are an understrength brigade formation known for their naval prowess currently rebuilding from a crushing defeat at the hands of Clan Snow Raven in the Land's End system and a subsequent civil war that caused them great upheaval.

Recently reborn from a faction of the Akki Tsubasa in 3090 from a low point in their volatile history, the Aura Wings currently consist of the 2nd Aura Wings constituting a 'Mech Regiment, an Armor Regiment, three infantry Regiments and the two Aeorospace Regiments that they are most known for.

The Aura Wings have served mostly in the employ of House Kurita and House Liao since their formation in 3076. They are now under the leadership of Saori Arai, a graduate of the University of Proserpina who never saw front-line duty with the DCMS. The daughter of a minor noble on Proserpina, she disgraced her family by resigning from the Proserpina University Cadre before deployment due to a dispute with her superiors and her father, whom had been intervening in her career to that point.

Arai quickly proved herself in the disastrous Land's End campaign of 3089 with the Akki Tsubasa mercenary command as a Lieutenant, and proved herself again during the unit's civil war on Galtor III. In this she was instrumental in the removal of Countess Petra Michalek and the repulse of Davion-loyalists and opportunists who attempted to seize the Galtor system while the ATMU was at it's weakest. When the dust had settled in the third quarter of 3090, Saori Arai was the Commanding Officer of the Aura Wings. She has since embarked on a campaign to deemphasize the command's Kuritan roots and prove that they are soldiers of fortune first and foremost.

Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Lieutenant General TBA
Lance McRaven TBA
Current Roster: 3 Players Overall Public Reputation: 31
Current Employer: UNASSIGNED Current Contract: UNASSIGNED
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 25th of July, 3076
Unit Description
Rising from the ashes of the Red Star Legion mercenary command, the Black Talons Phoenixes are one of the fastest rising young units in the Inner Sphere. Founded by Capt. Alexander McKay after the destruction of his previous unit, the Black Talons Phoenixes have grown steadily, in both size and reputation.

Originally a single company of 3025-era Battle Mechs purchased with what little funds McKay and the other members of the unit could scrounge together, the unit has since grown to a Light Brigade's worth of combined arms might. Currently comprised of four Battalions of Mech forces, a Reconnaissance Company, a Strike company, 3 Wings of Aerospace fighters (36), and a separate company of Battle Armor troops, not to mention their space assets and two Star Lord Jump Ships, the Black Talons Phoenixes can provide a solution to any type of contract or problem you may have.

The Black Talons Phoenixes are currently under the command of Lieutenant General Lance McRaven, a veteran of numerous campaigns and contracts with Hansen's Roughriders, one of the premiere mercenary units the galaxy has ever known. The current executive officer, Lieutenant Colonel William "Billy" Boudreaux, joined the Black Talons as a cook, and not much is currently known about him.

Fresh from a contract with the Lyran Alliance, on Gan Singh, in the Tikonov System, the Black Talons Phoenixes are currently working to consolidate the unit once more on Caledonia, their landhold. General McRaven and his command company have just completed a successful campaign on Cavanaugh II, defeating the 12th Atrean Dragoons, Free Worlds League, in detail. The rest of the unit is continuing to repair and refit, so they will be ready for their next adventure. Need an army? We have one. :)

Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Lieutenant General Lieutenant General
Ravenna Nelson James Black
Current Roster: 3 Players Overall Public Reputation: 55
Current Employer: Federated Suns Current Contract: FS-PA-08-01
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 27th of November, 3079
Unit Description
The Black Wolf Rangers was formed on 1st Nov 3079 by the unification of a small group of dissatisfied Taurian Concordat soldiers Led by Captain James Black, and the remnants of a small ‘down-on-their-luck’ mercenary unit brought together by Lt Cheryl Wolfe. Cpt Black along with a few close members of his former unit, fed up with the political manoeuvring and Anti-Davion propaganda in the Taurian Concordat, set forth to create a mercenary command that they could control ‘who’ they fought for ‘when’ and ‘why’. While travelling to Terra the two groups led by Black and Wolfe agreed to form the BWR.

Organized into a uniquely named Latin/Wolf unit and rank structure, the Ranger’s became well known for their Pack-like tactics and strategies. Adept at hit and run tactics, ambushes and deep recon, the BWR has served all Inner Sphere Realms save the Draconis Combine. Awarded the planet of Cimeron by the Federated Suns, the BWR stands ready to repulse the dragon in the spin-ward section of the Draconis March.

Special training on Cimeron has begun at the New Academy of Military Studies near the Units mountain stronghold ‘The Fang’. Multiple venues of military arts can be studied but concentrates on the mech warrior, Armour and infantry lines. Aerospace fighter studies as well as specialized avenues such as artillery and engineer training is conducted as well.

The Black Wolf Rangers have grown to a full Division of combined arms force. Consisting of one Mercenary Regimental Combat Team of one regiment each of mech, Armour and Battle Armour, 5 Rapid Expeditionary Forces (REF's) Combined arms Regiments created for rapid deployments and self sustaining support. The Cimeron Defence Force that defends their home world, is a large contingent having a mech Regiment 3 armour regiments and 7 Infantry Regiments along with Two Aerospace wings and a convnentional Fighter wing.

Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Captain TBA
Ekon Zane TBA
Current Roster: 0 Players Overall Public Reputation: -4
Current Employer: UNASSIGNED Current Contract: UNASSIGNED
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 25th of September, 3097
Unit Description
The members of the Dark Sun Combat Corps are drawn from the various military, paramilitary, and intelligence units from the Periphery, namely the Magistracy of Canopus, Taurian Concordat, and Fronc Reaches. The combined-arms unit was formed by its CO, Captain Ekon Zane, a former Colonial Marshal.

The Dark Sun Combat Corps specializes in small unit operations in static defense, territorial activities, and minor raid duties, as well as being adept at criminal investigation and VIP and corporate security.

Since many of the unit’s members have ties to law enforcement, they seek to bring justice to those who deserve it, and strive to bring a measure of peace and closure to the victims.

Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Major Captain
Dwayne Jamison Bishop Nathan Jones
Current Roster: 3 Players Overall Public Reputation: 13
Current Employer: UNASSIGNED Current Contract: UNASSIGNED
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 30th of May, 3078
Unit Description
Not all mercenary units are created equal.

In 3077, Dwayne Bishop, a former Outworlds Alliance officer turned treasure hunter returned from a supposedly fruitless LosTech search in the Periphery. Rumors persisted he'd found something however and a short time later he acquired a rundown dropship, the Huntress and filled it with a company of outdated mechs. Formed around the core of his treasure hunters, the Deuces Wild were soon taking small time contracts in the Periphery.

After a few low key contracts the Deuces first came to the spotlight while working for the Capellan Confederation. In a series of pitched battles, the outnumbered mercenaries defended the world of Ward from an incursion by the Taurian Concordat.

In the aftermath of the victory however, commander Bishop was hospitalized with a rare and difficult to treat illness. He was sidelined for nearly a full year, during which time the Deuces returned to obscurity in the Periphery.

Bishop’s return signaled a change in the small time, hard luck unit. In the past few years, the Deuces Wild, nicknamed the ‘Periphery Bad Boys’ and the ‘Fortunate Sons’, have fought for or against every major house in the Inner Sphere. They again gained notice during the fierce campaign on Ares, where they recaptured the world for the Federated Suns.

Never the most glamorous nor best equipped unit, the Deuces Wild gained a reputation as a haven for those with a questionable past. Always rough and tumble, usually just shy of bankrupt, they persisted through a combination of skill on the battlefield, ingenious salvaging and tech work and creative, if not always legal, side jobs.

The renegade reputation of the battalion was further reinforced in the wake of the Department of Mercenary Management's dissolution. DJ and his battalion opted to not join the new Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission, truly operating as independent agents until their retirement in 3090.

It seemed the days of the battalion were over and most of the unit settled down or signed on with other commands.

Then came a bombing in Merope that left DJ missing and presumed dead. Jason Tian, former lancemate to DJ, called what elements of the unit he could find and launched a rescue mission, dropping two lances of mechs onto a world moments from open rebellion.

By the time the mercenaries were ordered from the world, the insurrection was all but crushed and DJ was found. Though he'd survived and even fought during the incident in Merope, DJ opted to turn the mercenary unit over to Jason, promoting him to Major.

Now under new management, the Deuces Wild are back in action. Already a new generation of scoundrels and rogues with hearts of gold have signed on, ready to live down to the reputation DJ and his treasure hunters set twenty years ago.

The unit makes use of predominately older equipment, which is easier to maintain, scattered with a handful of upgraded machines. They have a small tech crew, but most of the maintenance is performed by the pilots and troopers themselves. The majority of mechs are jump capable, making the Deuces a highly mobile force.

Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Major Captain
Penelope Trumbull Garrick Wolf
Current Roster: 2 Players Overall Public Reputation: 5
Current Employer: Liberty Holds Current Contract: CM-EX-04-01
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 15th of March, 3097
Unit Description
Eden’s Guard is a small mercenary unit, comprised mostly of ex-Star League soldiers and equipment. Most of the members are from Terra itself, seeking to put their skills to good use, uncomfortable with the current state of affairs in the central Inner Sphere.

The unit specializes in peacekeeping operations, preventing fighting from reaching too high of a boiling point, and does not shy away from opening dialog between both sides if it means a meaningful resolution. As such, they are renowned not only for their ability to operate as a military force, but as a diplomatic and humanitarian one, as well.

Deploying a mix of Battlemechs, Infantry, and Battle Armor, Eden's Guard provides security for VIP's and facilities. They also employ dozens of engineers, doctors, and other emergency relief personnel to provide immediate aid to beleaguered regions.

Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Star Colonel TBA
Cade MacKenzie Aldus Vong
Current Roster: 6 Players Overall Public Reputation: 23
Current Employer: Rasalhague Dominion Current Contract: RD-GD-06-01
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 6th of June, 3087
Unit Description
Few units, Clan or Inner Sphere, have attained the level of recognition the 12th Bear Guards have in the past ten years.

Starting as an experiment by Kahn Sarah Vishio, the Growling Bears, initially only a Trinary in size, was meant to be a quick reaction force to deal with any threats along the Dominion's borders. Comprising both Trueborn and Freeborn warriors under the command of a young Ristar Star Captain named Cade, the unit also served as a rallying point to help unify Clan Ghost Bear and Rasalhague populations behind a single unit.

To call the experiment a success would be the equivalent of calling the the Succession Wars a mild altercation.

Since their inception, the Growling Bears have been on the cutting edge of the Dominions conflicts. They've fought Trials against Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon, dealt with the radical Frihet rebels, led the liberation of Rasalhague, and formed the spearhead of the Star Bridge War.

Today, Cade still commands the Growling Bears, now officially the 12th Bear Guards Cluster. Now a bloodnamed Star Colonel, Cade MacKenzie's Growling Bears is one of the best trained and best equipped units in the Rasalhague Dominion Touman.

The Guards make use of a highly mobile combined arms approach to combat. A number of stars deploy as Novas and Elementals train extensively with their Mechwarrior counterparts, both augmented and not.

The 173rd Battle Trinary and 181st Striker Trinary use predominantly Omnimechs. The 101st Assault Trinary makes use of a mix of Omni and standard designs.

Air cover is provided by the 17th Pursuit Binary in a mix of medium and heavy omnifighters.

Commanding Officer Executive Officer
WIA Major
Erik Ingersoll Gunther Price
Current Roster: 2 Players Overall Public Reputation: 5
Current Employer: UNASSIGNED Current Contract: UNASSIGNED
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 2nd of June, 3087
Unit Description
Ingersoll's Armored Cavalry is a veteran mercenary battalion as of 3097. They were led by ex-LAAF officers, including their commanding officer Major Erik Ingersoll, once a Hauptmann-Kommandant in the Arcturan Guards brigade who has fallen into a coma as a result of the fighting on Tantara. The House Davion Federated Freeman's Grizzled Veteran, Executive Officer, Gunther Price has taken over in his stead with the hope the Erik will one day regain consciousness. Price has promoted Free Worlds League covert operative, Leonard Sanders, to fill the XO void.

The Cav was designed from the ground up to be an integrated, combined arms force, suited to many different roles on a modern battlefield, consisting of a Company of 'Mechs, armor, and support vehicles, a wing of aerospace fighters, a battalion of motorized infantry, even fielding their own special operations team, drawn from specialists with LIC and LAAF field experience.

Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Colonel TBA
Cathryn Whitley TBA
Current Roster: 1 Player Overall Public Reputation: 7
Current Employer: Lyran Alliance Current Contract: LA-DC-06-08
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 19th of March, 3097
Unit Description
The Rabid Wolves stem from the Periphery Nation, Outworlds Alliance's Intelligence Arm, so we will be avid infiltrators, assassins, saboteurs, terrorist, cryptographers, demolition experts, and even murders.

We are a Battle Armor eccentric Battalion based on Stealth, Espionage, and Infiltration Tactics. We have only two lances of 'Mechs; one light, one medium, all geared to supporting our Battle Armor. We are a full platoon of Mechanized Battle Armor strong and two Special Forces Platoons of jump infantry supported by two points of ProtoMechs, ferried to and from target world aboard six modified Caerleons. We do however, have a four DropShips; 2 Unions, that have been modified to carry four Small Crafts, four AeroSpace Fighters, four 'Mechs; and 2 Auroras, and our standard operating procedure will be to station one Union in the target world's orbit to bounce communications off of for communicating with our own sneak satellites, as well, we have our very own Liberty Class JumpShip.

In September of 3100 the Rabid Wolves 'acquired' an Eagle Class Frigate WarShip and enough AeroSpace Fighters to field an entire battalion of aerial combat units and salvaged a full company 'Mechs and thus are being acknowledged as an MRBC Regiment. Now boasting a DropShip complement totaling eight, they have a Leopard dedicated to carrying their four loader 'Mechs, their MFB, and the entire Technical staff and a Nekohono'o HQ that the Rabid Wolves can station in Orbit or on planet to conduct planet wide command and control operations. The Wolves have truly become a force to reckon with.

Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Duke Broken Wheel Major General
Xavier Steele Tatiana Donatella
Current Roster: 4 Players Overall Public Reputation: 62
Current Employer: UNASSIGNED Current Contract: UNASSIGNED
Game Type: Play By Forum Board Unit Founded: 27th of April, 3069
Unit Description
Xavier Steele has been the commander of The Restless Souls Mercenary Unit since its inception in 3069. Although plagued by a shortage of 'MechWarriors, he has grown the unit into a full strenth Division with combined arms of tanks, infantry, VTOLs, Battle Armor, AeroSpace Fighters, BattleMechs as well as 'WarShips. The only unit to have its own JumpShip transportation. Some at the MRBC have suggested that he resign due to his getting along in years and allow new blood circulate through the ranks. This is unlikely to happen. Steele considers himself a mentor to all the Souls Colonels and Majors and so will stay on until he thinks one of his Senior Staff is ready to pick up the controls. "After that," as he always says, "I'll consider retirement."

Senior Lieutenant Brandi Rodriguez, the units former-Executive Officer, has turned around the moral of the unit from an all-time low to above average high. This has been attributed to her background, that having been a lowly grunt herself, and her unorthodox style of command. The XO position has hit some hard times. After Brandi redirected her efforts to Battalion Adjutant, Nariko Matsuhita was recalled, however; within four short months she was Court Marshaled. With the serious injury that was sustained by Brandi in combat she was no longer an option for the XO position. Nariko's replacement was Christian Levesque who within a month of becoming the Restless Souls Executive Officer accepted an alternate posting to a Davion Guard Unit. Then came one of the Soul's lieutenants, namely Alex McCray. Alex took the reins of the XO seat and seemed to grab on to it for the long haul. He impressed by the sheer hours he spent every day deep into paperwork or at the controls of his mech. He was the winning ticket, but Lady Luck had something else in store for the Restless Souls and Alex succumbed to a terrible disease that kept him away from his posting for a long time. Without an XO for a long time Steele had to replace Alex with the Chief Logistics Officer, Anakin, an 'adopted' Wolf clanner. Anakin became one of the first clanners to obtain a senior posting in a DMM unit. He 'rejuvenated' the unit with new training programs that were a reminder of the enemy that almost conquered the Inner Sphere years back. He was the XO for over eleven years, but opted out to join to rejoin a Clan unit. The newly promoted Field Marshall turned back to his old friend Alex McCray for yet another replacement.

Each Regiment of the Restless Souls excels in a particular art of warfare. Diablo Regiment, Foxtrot, can defend a piece of property like it was an entire Brigade all by itself, and is considered the Souls' defensive experts. The Assault Regiment, called Sledgehammer, does best on the attack, using its massive size and long range firepower to blast through enemy positions. The Recon Regiment, nicknamed Eagle Eye, is best at raiding and recon. The 'Hunter-Killer' Regiment, Heaven's Fist, is feared around the Inner Sphere for the notorius ability to root out and apprehend high profiled enemy units. The Strike Regiment, Manticore, has mastered the art of long range fire power from behind cover with the resources to bring well over 2,000 long range warheads in on a target in a single salvo. With the increased size to Brigade and then to Division the Regiments have grown in size and in numbers. Their AeroSpace Fighter Support now full Aero Regiments, Iron Falcon, can appear behind enemy lines at will and wreck havoc, even through the most heavily defended strong points. The Restless Souls Vehicle Regiment, commanded by Colonel Jason Fosdick.

The Restless Division consist of two BattleMech Regiments as well as an Infantry Regiment, a VTOL Regiment, a support Regiment, an AeroSpace Fighter Regiment, its DropShip Fleet, and JumpShip Armada, and four WarShips provide the Souls with the independence and staying power they need to stay viable.

With the acquisition of six Landholds, Landgrave of Baxter, Baron of Quentin, and the Duke of Broken Wheel, the Restless Souls now have several places to call home and places where they can leave their dependents and draw upon for new recruits, perform training, garner yearly revenue, and control three Military Hardware Depots across three Landholds. They have constructed the Regina Entrprise Orbital Factory and Shipyard around their primary Landhold, Quentin in the Federated Suns. And have repaired an place at the jumppoints of Quentin and Baxter fully armed Bastion class space stations protected by Caspar MK III System Defense Systems.

The Division as a whole is considered a leader when it comes to defense. The Restless Souls have an uncanny ability to use the terrain and resources around them to their best advantage. Enemies who think a field is empty find themselves shocked when Restless Souls 'Mechs suddenly spring up around them.