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Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Tai-sa Tai-i
Onishi Razan Kintaro Tanaka
Current Roster: 7 Players Overall Public Reputation: 15
Current Employer: UNASSIGNED Current Contract: UNASSIGNED
Game Type: Play By Email Group List Unit Founded: 9th of May, 3090
Unit Description
A Combined Arms Regiment, loyal to House Kurita and employs all the five pillars that make the Combine what it is. Razans Ronins is a unit that focuses on it's combined arms rather than the more traditional 'Mech heavy theme for mercenaries. Under Tai-sa Onishi Razan they have maintained superiority in each campaign she has led them into, and the goal is to continue that trend. Now with over four battalions of Military Hardware, a full aerospace wing, a DropShip Fleet, a Naval Flotilla, and a WarShip ready to take on, any Regiment of enemy units had better think twice before going head to head with Razans Ronins in a battle.