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Serial Code:494EF3X3XZM96
Date Assigned to the DMM/MRBC: 11th May, 3097
Hair Colour:Black (Dyed pink and orange)
Eye Colour:Green
Height:157 cm
Weight:59 kg
Date of Birth:May 20, 3059
Languages:English, Scottish, Pushtun, Japanese
Interests:Computer Science and History
Place of Birth:The Cradle of Humanity
Race & Culture:Canadian

History: Penelope Trumbull was born to the Star League.
Although born on Northwind, Penelope’s mother had been a Terran fleeing the World of Blake, while Penelope’s father had been a Highlander, a part of Operation Bulldog. Penelope never met him, as he died on Virentofta fighting Clan Smoke Jaguar. She spent her earliest years on Northwind with her mother, who told her stories of their homeworld of Terra, and begging the Highlander mercenaries for another story about their exploits-and of her father’s. As soon as she was old enough to start writing, Penelope began scribbling down these stories in her journals.
When Penelope was 8, her mother joined the SLDF when she was told a rumor that Terra was going to be retaken by the Star League. Leaving Penelope on Northwind in the care of a friend, her mother left to fight the Word of Blake. Penelope kept to her mother’s friends, inconsolable that she was going to lose her mother the same way she lost her father, against some enemy on a far-off world who was trying to hurt them for no discernable reason.
Penelope’s fears were unfounded, however, when she received a message from her mother that they could return to their family home in Ontario. When she stepped foot on Earth for the first time, Penelope saw the Star League banner flying over the starport, and when she arrived at her family’s house, she was shocked to find that she had family beyond just her mother: Aunts, uncles, cousins, a grandparent, and family friends who had been left behind to live under the World of Blake.
Her mother remained in the SLDF, but she was never deployed outside of the Terran Security Act, and Penelope received a decent education and lived happily with her family. Between her mother and the rest of her family, she was able to travel all over the world, and to Mars and Venus on a few occasions. She knew that there was trouble out in the Galaxy, but the Star League, her mother in particular, seemed invincible, and for her, it really did seem like a new golden age of Humanity was going to start, beginning from Terra.
The day that Penelope became 18, she signed up for the SLDF, following in the footsteps of both parents. Penelope had always been adept with computers, and it had seemed, for a time, that she was going to be a computer technician. However, when she began drills for combat, it was clear that she was as adept as her parents, and she was slotted for advanced, and later Battlemech, training.
Penelope was first deployed with the 2nd Star League Division on Marduk, but this proved to be disastrous as the 2nd and 22nd Divisions chose opposite sides of the conflict, leading to their mutual destruction as a result of unit infighting and House forces. Penelope, then a junior Mechwarrior, was thrust into a leadership role as Davion forces began to take the planet. Instead of standing by the choices to pick a side, Penelope orders all equipment and disaffected personnel onto a Dropship and they take the first jump out of the system, reintegrating with another SLDF unit.
Penelope spent time fighting Clan Star Adder, but grew tired with the prejudice against the SLDF personnel by the House Davion forces, and requested transfer back to Terra. She later served as part of a few peacekeeping expeditions near the Lyran-Combine border. During this time, Penelope published a series of recommendations for heavy investment into new technologies to maintain a technological edge over the Houses, but the recommendations are never acknowledged by military or political leadership, aside from a noncommittal agreement of sentiment. As SLDF units began to tear themselves apart along partisan lines, Penelope grew increasingly invested in maintaining Terra’s security, and turned to training and organizing Terran-manned units.
When Tancred Sandoval began to openly criticize and hinder Star League activities, Penelope recommended an invasion of the Federated Suns to bolster support from the other Houses and illustrate SLDF strength, but her campaign was doomed to be ignored. Within a couple of months, the Free Worlds League helped ComStar separate itself from the Star League, and, in June, the Star League collapsed, leaving the former Terran Security worlds in chaos and up for grabs.
Penelope’s Terran units were left without leadership and with plenty of equipment. Despite the offer for the Star League units to join the Liberty Holds, Penelope refused to join the rest of the Star League, though most of her soldiers either left or joined them in the Holds. Penelope and some of her soldiers took to operating as mercenaries in the former Security zones, trying to help keep the peace through superior firepower. When the Terran Corps was stationed in the system, Penelope went into a fury, nearly committing her mercenaries into staging attacks, but was talked out of it by her mother, who had moved back to Northwind.
Removing herself from the situation, Penelope and her unit began taking contracts as far away from Terra as possible until 3092 when the FWL took Terra and the Terran corridor, and Penelope began taking contracts that much closer to home.

Personality Profile: Penelope is an idealist turned sour. She had dreams of seeing a new age for humanity, spinning outward from her homeworld of Terra. Instead, those dreams were twisted into something wretched and discarded, with her homeworld being taken as a trophy. This leads to her having a bitter attitude when it comes to politics, politicians, and even military leadership. She has little patience for those who put their interests over their jobs, or fail to look at the bigger picture. Penelope rarely misses an opportunity to remind those in power of their responsibilities.
Still, this souring has led her to be a bit reckless and hot-headed in recent years, which has cost them more than one contract, and more armor than she probably ought to have lost in combat. Penelope rarely gets physical one-on-one, but she isn’t shy about raising her voice.
Despite this, the fundamental principles that she grew up with are still there. She still sees the best situation and goads those principles out of others as much as she can. Penelope has a dream, and she wants to share it with others. Her first priority is always in protecting the innocent and in this, she is willing to go to extraordinary lengths.
On a personal level, family is a cornerstone in her life. Many of the people she trained were cousins and close family friends, and throughout her career she has formed strong bonds with those she worked with, bringing them into the massive ‘family’ she has.