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Clan Snow Raven
Current Ambassador: Jon Allen
This information was last updated on the: 27th of December, 2012
Core Information:

     Capital: Farstar
     Faction Leader: Khan Sydney Magnus
     Military Leader: saKhan: Brynn Cooper
     Intelligence Leader: Loremaster Joel McKenna
     Approximate BattleMech Regiment Strength: Unknown

BTM Timeline Events:

30th of September, 3078
The Outworlds Alliance and the Clan Snow Raven form closer ties with the 'Treay of Cerberus' which gives non-military caste clanners the right to live and work on Alliance worlds, enhancing both nations.

10th of September, 3079
It is discovered by the ComStar Explorer Corps that Clan Snow Raven have claimed the isolated deep periphery worlds of Maple, Cedar, Thur, Redwood and Hell's Gate and appear to be monitoring all space-faring traffic is the region.

3rd of March, 3087
ComStar's Explorer Corps discovers a new massive shipyard complex over the Clan Snow Raven world of Valhalla. The amount of space traffic and energy signatures suggest that the Clan is using Valhalla as an important staging area and that a new, possibly subterranean colony has been built on the planet surface.

12th of April, 3088
When two local raider companies in the Clan Zone, trapped on the planet Enif since before Clan Snow Raven took control of the world, organized and hit the main city of Enif Central in force to raid the Palladium warehouses that stored shipments destined for the Shipbuilding yards at Valhala, the local Garrison proved to be ineffective at being able to stop them causing Snow Raven Warrior Council to send two forces to recover the shipments. The first unit for the assignment was the 15th Raven Battle Cluster, one of two Clusters assigned to Front Line status in Gamma Galaxy, the other was an independant Second Line Trinary attached to Epsilon Galaxy that goes by "Jared's Jackdaws," after their Commander Jared Siegel. The Jackdaws had not yet been assigned to a Cluster and were the only unit available to immediately redeploy to Enif after their refit on Farstar. So successful were the Jackdaws that by the time the 15th reported they had mobilized and did their first Double Jump towards Enif, the Trinary of Jackdaw warriors had landed, defeated both companies of Raiders and recovered the Palladium shipments. Upon hearing of the incredible success that his independent trinary achieved, Epsilon Galaxy Commander Jensen Crow announced that "Jared's Jackdaws," would continue to be used on special assignments as a quick reaction force and that he would ensure their codices reflected the proper merit of their deeds.

12th of April, 3088
When two local raider companies, trapped on the planet Enif since before Clan Snow Raven took control of the world, organized and hit the main city of Enif Central in force to raid the Palladium warehouses that stored shipments destined for the Shipbuilding yards at Valhala, the local Garrison proved to be ineffective at being able to stop them causing Snow Raven Warrior Council to send two forces to recover the shipments. The first unit for the assignment was the 15th Raven Battle Cluster, one of two Clusters assigned to Front Line status in Gamma Galaxy, the other was an independent Second Line Trinary attached to Epsilon Galaxy that goes by "Jared's Jackdaws," after their Commander Jared Siegel. The Jackdaws had not yet been assigned to a Cluster and were the only unit available to immediately redeploy to Enif after their refit on Farstar. So successful were the Jackdaws that by the time the 15th reported they had mobilized and did their first Double Jump towards Enif, the Trinary of Jackdaw warriors had landed, defeated both companies of Raiders and recovered the Palladium shipments. Upon hearing of the incredible success that his independent trinary achieved, Epsilon Galaxy Commander Jensen Crow announced that "Jared's Jackdaws," would continue to be used on special assignments as a quick reaction force and that he would ensure their codices reflected the proper merit of their deeds.

18th of June, 3088
Having dispatched the Dark Caste presence from the Clan Snow Raven world of Enif, the Jackdaws began familiarizing themselves with the world and oversaw the production of a new Enclave on Enif's one sub-arctic continent. When the 15th Raven Battle Cluster did arrive, they found the Jackdaws had robbed them of their chance at combat so their commander issued a Trial of Grievance against the Jackdaws, who had been ordered to monitor the Bandits, not engage them. Despite the reason for the trail, the 15th's bid was not enough to get the best of the Jackdaws. With their victory over a Front Line unit, Jared's Jackdaws earned a new Legitimacy that would be reflected in their codices.

15th of January, 3089
Etran Local has learned today that Commanding Officer Marcus Naslund of the Akki-Tsubasa, known locally on Galtor III as Count Naslund, was killed in action in the Land's End system. The majority of the Count's command was deployed to that system in defense against forces of Clan Snow Raven, who repelled by the combined mercenary and DCMS forces in system. However, it was a Pyrrhic victory for the Combine as the 7th Pesht Regulars suffered more than fifty-percent losses of personnel and equipment. The Akki-Tsubasa, long regarded as one of the premier mercenary commands employed by the Combine for the better part of two decades, fared no better than their DCMS counterparts. The Commander was lost along with the unit's flagship Vengeance-class vessel, the Hiryu, along with almost her entire crew, seven other aerospace pilots and a number of aerospace fighters that were still aboard the ship. The future seems uncertain for the Wings as internal strife has intensified in the wake of this severe loss. The Etran has few details but will update the story as information becomes available from the Land's End system.

13th of February, 3089
Coming out of Clan Snow Raven space out of obscurity, the Royal Corvax Trinary was contacted through back channels to assist Liberty Holds with their Shark problems. Timing was great for Liberty Holds to send in the Royal Corvax to attack the Diamond Sharks on Lipton. The Royal Corvax caught the Diamond Sharks with their pants down, hitting their security forces and dealing quick defeats to their Trinary, and capturing, for the most part, an entire cluster of clan equipment. The losses on the Corvax side was minor and well within tolerable levels. Civilian casualties were few and minor and damage to civilian property was nearly non-existent. A successful campaign.

29th of August, 3089
The newly minted Bad Karma Mercenary Company has met with their untimely demise on the very first mission. They inserted onto the Periphery planet in the Outworlds Alliance on Tellman IV system. They were discovered by clan Snow Raven's 5th Raven Wing and summarily out flanked by the scouting arm of the Alliance Borders, Second Battalion who had rotated on planet and was composed of fast, medium and light, vehicles. The Restless Souls Warship Armada was on station at Hazelhurst. They jumpedin and provided covering fire for the Bad Karma extraction however the Souls were simply too little too late to preserve the integrity of the Bad Karma command.

20th of December, 3089
General, the Federated Suns Regent seems unnaturally obsessed with the total subjugation of this mere Periphery state and the success of his brain child, 'Operation Retribution'. Federated Suns has already taken a salient deep into the heart of the Outworlds Alliance earlier this year with the capture of Crestoblus and Dormandaine. Regent Tancred Sandoval is calling for their heart as well. The Federated Suns is gathering an assault force of three more RCT's in lieu of the success or failure of your mission. I must remind you, however; Failure is not an option here. You must take an hold Mitchella until the assault force arrives. There is a vehicle plant, United Outworlders Corporation, that manufactures Hunter Light Support Tanks, Vedette Medium Tanks, and Light SRM Carriers. It would behoove you to put that plant out of business oe else your rear area will be harassed constantly. That's not the worst part. There is also a DropShip repair and maintenance facility on world. It belongs to Clan Snow Raven. Our worst fear is that if you attack the Snow Raven's DropShip facility you may awaken a sleeping giant if in fact the Alliance has not already invoked their mutual defense agreements with the Ravens and are already bringing in backup as we speak. I fear that I may be sending a lamb to the slaughter.

23rd of January, 3090
The glory years of the Akki Tsubasa are still out of their reach. Since their return to the Mercenary hiring halls they continue to fail to achieve their mission objectives. Both projects planned by the Draconis Combine on Land's End have failed, The first was the construction of six surface to orbit capital missile launch sites. The second was the construction of Supply Depot Fifty Eight. Clan Snow Raven’s Watch Operatives must have compromise the ISF communication network because the Snow Ravens destroyed the clandestine Vengeance-class dropship with a supporting squadron of attack dropships while Snow Raven aerospace fighters continue to bomb and strafe both construction projects in light of the Akki Tsubasa as if they were not even present. It is a sad day on Outreach.

24th of January, 3090
In a reversal of fortune the Snow Raven Jareds Jackdaws (C) Trinary has been reduced to twenty percent of there fighting integrity in their attempt to hold the Outworlds Alliance world of Mitchella. Their objectives were to establish a secure and safe LZ for a Snow Raven Front Line Galaxy, to defend Clan Snow Raven’s DropShip repair and maintenance facility, and to provide protection for United Outworlders Corporation's vehicle production plant. The Federated Suns two Regimental Combat Teams waded through them like ball bearings through wet tissue paper. The Snow Raven Front Line Galaxy was repulsed by a hot LZ, their DropShip repair and maintenance facility sustained minor damage while United Outworlders Corporation's vehicle production plant will be offline for at least a year or more while it undergoes repairs. The Outworlds Alliance has sued for a peaceful resolution from the House Davion Ruler, Tancred Sandoval. To foster good will he even saw fit to secede the world of Mitchella back to them.

1st of March, 3093
Clan Snow Raven completed an expansion of their Valhalla Shipyard, allowing for the construction of new Lola III Destroyers. The Ravens' first customers were Clan Diamond Shark, which immediately ordered six hulls for their war with the Free Worlds League. The success of this expansion carried with it the probability that Clan Snow Raven would continue expanding their warship construction capabilities in the future in an effort to reassert their dominance over Clan naval construction.

13th of November, 3095
The Chaos Incorporated MU was contracted by the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery's DCPS Liaison Katsuie Tomoe, to return to the planet of Virentofta, in the Bjarred Prefecture, Pesht Military District, which had recently been seized by Clan Snow Ravens 1st Raven Phalanx, and SUCCESSFULLY recapture a flotilla of DropShips on MRBC Extraction Contract # DC-EX-06-02

1st of January, 3097
While working for their benefactor, the Draconis Combine Modern Innovative Tactics Division, Razan's Ronins SUCCESSFULLY neutralize the fighter screen at either JumpPoint on the Pesht Military District planet of Stapelfeld, created a diversion to tie up the 6th Raven Wing Cluster granting the 20th Pesht Regulars ample time to lift from planet, gathered intel on Staplefeld’s state of affairs, and determine the scope of operations of Clan Snow Raven on MRBC contract # DC-DR-06-02.

Brief History:
Clan Snow Raven faced considerable hardship in the early years. The last Clan certified combat-ready, the Ravens were ill-prepared for the challenges of the campaign to liberate Circe during the Pentagon civil war. They took massive losses storming rebel compounds and barely survived the campaign. Worse was to come not many years later, when Clan Wolverine rebelled against the Grand Council. The Wolverines beat back the small Raven force, and the Raven Capital of Dehra Dun, together with its genetic repository, was destroyed with a nuclear device. The repository was later rebuilt and the samples it contained replaced from the master site on Strana Mechty, but deep emotional scars remained.

Vowing never to allow such a catastrophe to strike them again, the Ravens set about becoming masters of their own destiny. They developed their navy and expanded their holding, making themselves indispensable as explorers, escorts and manufacturers of components for DropShips, JumpShips and WarShips. Behind the scenes, they sought to become master manipulators and purveyors of information.

In 2947, the Ravens brought before the Grand Council details of ilKhan Tobias Katib's complicity in the death of his predecessor, Corian Tchernovkov. Katib was impeached, found guilty and excited for his crimes. Suggestions that the Ravens had also been involved in the Tchernovkov affair were never proven, but their sudden betrayal of a former ally is a hallmark of Snow Raven political maneuvers. More often, however, they prefer subtler manipulations. Raven Khan Ian Howell, who destroyed the totem animal of Clan Sea Fox by releasing the genetically engineered diamond shark into the waters of Strana Mechty, fell victim to his own inability to play such subtle games. After Howell admitted his guilt, his own saKhan challenged him to a Trial of Grievance and slew him-officially because he had disgraced his Clan, but more likely because he was stupid enough to get caught.

The Snow Ravens fought hard to join the Inner Sphere invasion force, but took too many losses before the Trials and were denied a place. However, the Ravens did gain from the operation; they contracted out almost a third of their fleet to Clan Jade Falcon to serve as escorts, an arrangement recognized by a formal alliance during the Year of Peace.

This alliance was doomed from the start, as the two Clans' philosophical differences over shadowed their mutual interests. Relations between the two Clans became strained in 3055 over issues relating to the Ravens' McKenna Bloodname House. The matter briefly escalated into skirmishes, but the Falcons were too engrossed elsewhere to prosecute a campaign in the Clan homeworlds, and so the trouble soon died down.

In recent weeks, since their defeat by the Steel Vipers on Homer, the Ravens have sought rapprochement with the Falcons, while consolidating their considerable gains in the recent Trials for Smoke Jaguar, Nova Cat and Ghost Bear Possessions.

Founding and Beginning:
Though not the strongest of the Clans, the Snow Ravens are acknowledged as having the best aerospace corps and the largest fleet facilities in known space. Twice in the early history of this Clan, they were nearly destroyed. Once during Operation Klondike and again when the Not-Named Clan destroyed the Snow Ravens capital city. From this came a Clan whose mastery of aerospace is unparalleled in Clan history.

The Snow Ravens were founded by Stephen McKenna, a former air wing commander, and Joyce Merrell, formerly of the 183rd Royal Mechanized Infantry Division. Though the two were able commanders who respected each others abilities, they could not decide on the necessary training and organizational procedures their Clan would need. As a result, the Snow Ravens were the last Clan to be deemed combat-ready prior to Operation Klondike.

The Snow Ravens were assigned to assault the planet Circe, along with the Not-Named Clan. Their assignment to neutralize several fortresses went as planned, but casualties were extremely high. The only bright spot in the campaign was the performance of the Clan's aerospace Stars. The Snow Ravens blamed the Not-Named Clan for their high losses during the campaign, including the death of saKhan Merrell, ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky absolved the Not-Named Clan of any misconduct.

The only advantage the Snow Ravens had was in the strength of its aerospace pilots. While the other Clans built up their ground forces, the Snow Ravens concentrated on Trials of Possession for aerospace facilities and related industries. They won possession of the largest aerospace and starcraft production sites. The other Clans belatedly realized that the Snow Ravens were intent on monopolizing space travel. Their realization came too late as the Raven had already won control of the primary construction and repair docks. The Snow Ravens' stranglehold on space facilities prevented other Clans from building up their naval fleets. This would serve the Snow Ravens greatly in the centuries to come.

Dehra Dun:
In 2853, the Not-Named Clan disputed a Snow Raven Trial of Possession for a Brian Cache located in their territory. The Grand Council upheld the Snow Raven's victory, but the Not-Named Clan's Khans abruptly declared their Clan independent of the others. The Raven forces on Circe moved to protect their people but were repelled by the Not-Named Clan's forces. The Not-Named Clan then launched a massive attack on the Snow Raven's cities on Circe, destroying everything in their path. The Not-Named Clan then drove towards the Snow Raven capital city of Dehra Dun. For reasons still unknown, the Not-Named Clan detonated a nuclear device which not only destroyed the city and its inhabitants, but it also incinerated the Ravens' genetic repository.

ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky then declared a Trial of Annihilation against the Not-Named Clan. Clan Wolf won the honor of destroying the Not-Named Clan. The following battles were remarkably savage on both sides. Eventually, the Not-Named Clan's warriors were killed and their lower castes absorbed into the Wolves.

The Golden Century:
The devastation wrought by the Not-Named Clan took the Snow Ravens many years to recover from. Their Khans became masters of political compromise, trading manufacturing capacity for materials needed to ensure the Clan's survival. All the while, the Snow Ravens built up their naval forces, amassing a fleet of nearly forty warships along with dozens of JumpShips and DropShips. The Snow Ravens quickly realized their excess fleet capacity could be rented out to the other Clans for substantial profit.

It was during this time that several momentous events that helped shape the Snow Ravens and several other Clans. First, the Snow Raven enclaves on Hellgate, one of the Clan's primary food suppliers and sources of germanium, came under intense attacks by Clan Steel Viper. The Ravens fought well, but were eventually forced to completely abandon the colony and all its resources to the Vipers. This began a fierce hatred for the Steel Vipers.

Next, Clan Blood Spirit, long known for its isolationism, approached the Snow Ravens with a unique opportunity. The Blood Spirits agreed to secretly transfer three of the remaining warships in exchange for a Galaxy's worth of second-line 'Mechs. The deal allowed the battered Spirit Touman to rebuild at relatively little cost, while the Raven fleet increased the size of its warfleet. Although the transfer was successfully completed forty years ago, the two Clans have kept open friendly lines of communication.

The Snow Ravens were also responsible for one of the more dynamic changes any Clan has undergone. In the 2980s, the Snow Ravens suffered a number of setbacks at the hands of Clan Sea Fox. Khan Liam Howe, furious at the losses, took it upon himself to have his scientist caste create a genetically altered shark that would be the deadliest creature in the ocean.

When newly elected Sea Fox Damon Clarke went to offer tribute to the sea foxes, he and his entourage were surprised to see a sea fox killed by a previously unknown aquatic predator. Khan Clarke dispatched a Point of Elementals to capture one of the creatures. The Sea Fox scientists dubbed the creature the diamond shark for the rigid spines on its flanks. Further investigation showed that the growing diamond shark population would render the sea fox extinct. Faced with the losses of his Clan's totem, Khan Clarke made the unheard of decision to rename his Clan. He also decided, due to the scope of the decision, to allow members of the Clan to vote on the proposed name change. Several within his Clan protested the decision, but Khan Clarke swept aside all dissenters. In 2985, Clan Sea Fox was no more. There was only Clan Diamond Shark.

Khan Howe, enraged at how his plan had been foiled, inadvertently revealed his part in the destruction of the sea fox. He was quickly challenged by saKhan Niamh Sukhanov and killed in a Circle of Equals. The Snow Ravens demanded a Trial of Refusal over the name change, but was badly beaten by the Sea Fox forces. The Snow Ravens have sought rapprochement with the Diamond Sharks, but they have refused the offers, instead consistently besting the Ravens in numerous commercial ventures.

During the debate which became known as the Dragoon Compromise, the Snow Ravens voted along with the Wardens although many within the Clan were devout Crusaders. When the Outbound Light arrived in Clan space in 3048, the Snow Ravens were in no condition to participate in the Trials that followed. Clan Coyote had sought to regain a measure of its depleted strength by staging a number of Trials against the Snow Ravens. The fighting left both Clans too weak to battle for a slot in the invasion force.

The Snow Ravens, however, were able to contract portions of their fleet to the invading Clans in exchange for resources from captured Inner Sphere worlds. This agreement greatly enriched the Clan while expending minimal resources. Falcon Khan Elias Crichell attempted to win over Raven Khan Lynn McKenna by offering her prime Falcon genetic legacies as well as the world Hellgate, which the Falcons had recently won from the Steel Vipers in exchange for extending the Jade Falcon's warship contract to ten years. Though many within the Clan Council protested the agreement, the Raven Khans convinced them of the need for honoring the contract. The contract became a moot point when the Falcons later abrogated it when they interfered in House McKenna politics.

Death of a Clan:
The Snow Ravens stood apart from the other home Clans when Ice Hellion Khan Asa Taney tried to bring about the "Home Clan" coalition. Fortunately, the Khans of Clans Jade Falcon and Wolf turned Khan Taney's ploy against him. By hinting that only warriors fighting with the invading Clans would ever see the Inner Sphere, Khan Vladimir Ward initiated the "Harvest Wars." These batchalls resulted in large numbers of warriors from various Clans pitting themselves against the Jade Falcons and Wolves. Both Clans gained numerous experienced warriors to flesh out their weakened Toumans. The Snow Ravens quickly ended all Trials with the two Clans after losing two full Clusters. At the conclusion of the Trials, the invading Clans began planning to renew offensive operations against the Inner Sphere.

The Inner Sphere invasion of the Smoke Jaguar Occupation Zone stunned the Clans. The subsequent routing of all Clan Smoke Jaguar forces forced the Clans to put a halt to all invasion planning as they waited to see the outcome of the fighting. The assault on Huntress by Task Force Serpent further shocked the Clans. Never had anyone ever wage this type of total warfare against the Clans. The destruction of the Smoke Jaguar warrior caste repulsed many Khans, who viewed this level of warfare as being beyond the pale even for the "barbaric" Inner Sphere.

The arrival of the Star League Defense Force, led by Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht and Prince Victor Ian Steiner-Davion, on Strana Mechty set the ground for the Great Refusal. Prince Victor declared a Trial of Refusal over the invasion. The Warden Clans, led by Clan Ghost Bear who switched allegiance to the Warden cause, refused to participate in the battle. The eight remaining Crusader Clans each sent two Stars to battle against a company of Inner Sphere forces from each of the participating realms. The Trial went well for the Star League forces. Only Clans Star Adder and Jade Falcon won a victory, while Clan Wolf accepted a draw. The Star League won the other five battles. The invasion was now over.

Recent Events:
The Snow Raven's losses during the Harvest War were quickly compensated when the Raven Khans learned that Clan Ghost Bear was moving its entire population to its holdings in the Inner Sphere. In return for the Snow Raven's assisting in converting two Leviathan-class warships into heavy transports, the Ghost Bears gifted the Ravens with their resource rich asteroid field holdings and much of the world Bearclaw. Although Clan Hell's Horses also laid claim to portions of that world, the Snow Raven forces were able to hold on to the world. Snow Raven warships also assisted Clan Nova Cat in evacuating its remaining civilian population to the Inner Sphere after the Grand Council Abjured it for its defection to the Star League. Again, the Snow Ravens claimed much of the Nova Cats enclaves as well as the former Smoke Jaguar holdings on Homer.

3087 Update:

This politically astute Clan has done surprisingly well in the near periphery along the Draconis Combine border. The Snow Ravens have forged Inner Sphere-like treaties for trade and military assistance with the Outworlds Alliance (though has otherwise remained separate from that periphery nation.
The Snow Ravens were badly hurt in the Wars of Reaving, their attempts to vacate Clan Space hindered by the Steel Vipers, which came calling with their entire warship fleet and destroyed several warships and more than a hundred jumpships. These savage losses also deprived the Clan of their valuable Lum Enclaves and the shipyard there.

Fortunately for the Snow Ravens, the long distance between the Homeworlds and their Inner Sphere holdings had prompted the construction of separate facilities. The Snow Raven Valhalla Yards are a fully functional shipyard facility capable of repair and refit of even the largest warship. Their possession of this useful asset has put the Clan in a good bargaining position, keeping their own fleet in order and enabling the Snow Ravens to manage deals with the other Inner Sphere Clans for shipyard space and time in exchange for resources and materials the Snow Ravens need.

At the same time the construction of Snow Raven Industrial Complex Alpha on Farstar, and copycats of the Industrial Complex Chi and Production Line Gamma on Antallos retained much of Clan Snow Raven’s industrial output. While the Clan has simultaneously expanded mining and refining ventures on several other worlds it possesses. Snow Raven prospector teams, consisting of scientists and technicians with warrior escorts, have scoured the worlds under Snow Raven control, looking for veins of valuable ores and other materials than can be extracted and refined. The most notable discovery was on the world of Rezak’s Hole, where a vein of Germanium was uncovered. The extraction of this valuable material gave the Snow Ravens another bargaining tool with the other Clans and a material wealth that turned some heads. Like their totem, the Snow Ravens were scavengers and had managed to turn a collection of pirate worlds into a real economic powerhouse (by periphery standards).

The Snow Raven Touman has not been quiet either. Limited and controlled offensives against the Draconis Combine have kept the warriors busy (as have the resulting counter-raids). Thus far the Snow Ravens have largely kept their warships out of such Trials, employing them mostly as carriers to bring aerospace fighters into Trials and as patrolling forces to hunt down and destroy pirates. At the same time the Snow Ravens have been actively constructing new military machines like the Deimos OmniMech as symbols of this new chapter in their history. Finally, the Snow Ravens engaged the Star Adders and Cloud Cobras in a massive naval battle when they arrived in the Inner Sphere among a massive Clan, challenging them for ten sibkos of cadets and materials intended for shipyard construction. The engagement of 5 September 3077 would be called the Battle of Carnival (so named for the system it was located in), and would result in the loss of many Snow Raven warships (at least an equal number of Snake Clan warships were lost). The Snake Clans ultimately conceded defeat.

Much of the Snow Ravens activities as of late appear political. The Snow Raven Khans were eager to resurrect some form of the Clan Grand Council and helped Clan Wolf Khan Vlad Ward establish the Council of Seven Clans. One of the constructed meeting places for this Council is on Farstar. In addition the Snow Ravens have made their holdings, particularly Farstar, available as a place for Clan Bloodname Houses with members in multiple Clans to meet, and designated Trial zones for Clan Trials of Bloodright to be held. The Snow Ravens provide military escort in and out of their space when outsiders arrive. It is widely believed that the Snow Raven Watch is highly involved in these activities, interacting with the new arrivals in the hopes of gaining valuable intelligence. A popular joke among the Inner Sphere Clans is that one out of every two shopkeepers on Farstar is a Snow Raven Watch Operative with a recording device.

The Snow Ravens maintain fairly cordial relationships with all of their fellow Inner Sphere Clans except the Jade Falcons (the two “bird” Clans have been political adversaries several times in the past 20 years), the Star Adders (who attacked the Snow Ravens at Lum in 3068 in the first act of a chain of events that would push the Snow Ravens out of the Homeworlds), and the Diamond Sharks (the Snow Ravens revealed their trade deals with the Federated Suns to the Clan Grand Council setting in motion the events that would lead to their Abjurement). Despite these tensions, the Snow Ravens continue to trade and maintain relationships with these Clans as part of the Council of Seven Clans.
Perhaps the biggest deficit the Snow Ravens suffer today is manpower. Many Snow Raven lower castemen did not make it out of the Clan Homeworlds and many of their new periphery holdings had populations numbering thousands, not millions. Furthermore many of the people now living under Snow Raven rule are little better than pirates or poor farmers and lack the skill sets the Clan needs to truly thrive.

Clan Snow Raven Touman (3087 Update):

Warships 21

The Snow Raven fleet consists of the Fleet Command Star (McKenna-class James McKenna; Conqueror-class Ark Royal; York class Corvidae; Potemkin-class Wild Swan; Aegis-class Blue Quest), Storm Crow Naval Pursuit Star (Texas-class Mountbatton; Carrack-class Nestling; Sovetskii Soyuz-class Storm Crow; Cameron-class Kerensky’s Hope; Aegis-class Blue Lancer) the Farstar Naval Assault Star (Conqueror-class Conqueror; Whirlwind-class William Adams; Congress-class Magpie; and Aegis class Black Justice; Lola III-class Bloody Talon), the Valhalla Garrison Star (Sovetskii Soyuz class Avalanche;; Potemkin-class Bonaventure and Eden Rose; Volga-class Scavenger; Essex-class Eternity and Whirlwind-class Drake).

Strength: Approximately 5 Galaxies (23 Clusters)

Corvus Keshik

Alpha Galaxy
1st Raven Phalanx
6th Raven Battle Cluster
9th Raven Strike Cluster
4th Raven Wing Cluster
5th Raven Wing Cluster

Beta Galaxy
5th Raven Stoop Cluster
14th Raven Battle Cluster
9th Raven Wing Cluster
97th Striker Cluster
Beta Solahma Cluster

Gamma Galaxy (Second Line)
100th Raven Battle Cluster (Front Line)
15th Raven Battle Cluster (Front Line)
3rd Raven Auxiliaries
12th Raven Garrison Cluster
Gamma Solahma Cluster

Delta Galaxy (Second Line)
2nd Raven Phalanx
5th Raven Auxiliaries
4th Raven Garrison Cluster
Delta Solahma Cluster

Epsilon Galaxy (Second Line)
1st Raven Chasseurs
2nd Raven Chasseurs
10th Raven Regulars
8th Raven Garrison Cluster