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The Battletech-Mercenaries RPG Command Staff is divided into 3 sections, the first being the Mercenary Review & Bonding Commission (MRBC) and the second being the Faction Staff (FS) that represent their factions interests by submission of new contracts and various In Character (IC) plot lines. Finally the third section is the more general Purpose Storyline Writers. Storyline Writers exist to help bridge the gap between specific faction interests and the universe and player base as a whole.

The MRBC is the chain of command for the Battletech-Mercenaries RPG organization; these are the people who run the day to day operations of the group and who you need to speak to should any problems arise. The following is a list of the current staff members and their contact information.

Director: Timothy Joshua Reid
(director at

The Director of the Mercenary Review & Bonding Commission (MRBC) is responsible for the running of the Battletech-Mercenaries RPG organisation. The Director is an administrator that keeps the MRBC Staff filled with duties concerning the Mercenary Units. The Director has the final decision on new initiatives that the MRBC Staff, Faction Ambassadors, Mercenary Unit Commanding Officers (MUCO's) may offer or suggest. Only the Director can dismiss a member of the MRBC Staff. The Director ensures the streamlining of contracts that Employers might put forward and interprets them for MUCO's to view.

Deputy Director: Helena Alexander
(deputy at

The primary role of the Deputy Director is act as the primary narrator of the Battletech-Mercenaries non-canon timeline and story directions. The Deputy Director of the Department of Mercenary Management (DMM) assists the Director in any and all things that concern the Battletech-Mercenaries role playing organization and may at times take full control if the Director is on Leave of Absense (LOA) or Away With Out Leave (AWOL). Additional duties include the smooth processing of all applicants into the ranks of the mercenary units and handles all complaints and problems that players might have with other players. The Deputy Director additionally handles all personnel exchanges within Battletech-Mercenaries and maintains the important MERC-NET mailing list.

Military Hardware Broker: Markus Carns
(mbroker at

The Military Hardware Brokerage is a independent entity that serves as a legal and reliable broker of Military Hardware that mercenary units need from sources and factories within the umbrella of the civilized Inner Sphere. Every Mercenary Unit registered with the MRBC is required to purchase their Military Hardware from the Brokerage. C-Bills are transferred to Broker upon contract completion and only Mercenary Unit Commanding Officer's (MUCO's) can access the units C-Bill account by contacting the Broker.

Public Information Officer: Ravenna Nelson (pending review)
(public-information at

All large entities have a Public Information Officer and the Mercenary Review & Bonding Commission (MRBC) in no exception, which duties include; advertising for the Battletech-Mercenaries website, Dealing with other BattleTech and Mechwarrior websites for better relations, maintaining a current links page that promotes other great BattleTech/Mechwarrior websites, answer general questions from Battletech-Mercenaries members and the general public, adds suggestions and assists improving Mercenary Unit Websites's and generally makes sure that the whole Battletech-Mercenaries community is public friendly and approachable.

Staff Advisor: Dalton Cameron
(webmaster at

As a staff advisor, there is no official duties beyond maintenance of the website, dealing with real world issues for the org. and developing the game system as required by the users. The Staff Advisor can also act in an advisory role for members of the org. and help facilitate things as needed.