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Representing Faction: Draconis Combine
Name:Tomoe Katsuie
Serial Code:DCA
Date Assigned to the DMM/MRBC: 12/21/3088
Hair Colour:Black
Eye Colour:Brown
Height:169 cm
Weight:56 kg
Date of Birth:3043-Dec-09
Languages:Japanese, English, Arabic
Interests:Tactics and strategy, politics, history, jogging, tea drinking.
Place of Birth:Draconis Combine
Race & Culture:Japanese / Kuritan

History: A graduate of the University of Proserpina, Tomoe Katsuie served House Kurita originally in the 3rd Proserpina Hussars as a MechWarrior. She rose to the rank of Tai-i within five years. Tomoe participated in the clashes with the Ghost Bears during the early 3070s and later saw action against House Davion in the latter part of that decade. In 3081 she was promoted to Sho-sa and transferred to take a command of a battalion in the 2nd Arkab Legion where she served until 3086 as part of the attempt to repair relations between the Dragon’s leadership and the Azami. During her time with the 2nd Arkab, Tomoe helped suppress the 3082 rebellions in the Unity system, her only action seen during her tenure with the Legion.

Personality Profile: Tomoe was known throughout her career in the cockpit as disciplined, patient, and intelligent by her superiors. She was regularly deployed at the company level on dangerous reconnaissance and diversion missions during her days with the 3rd Proserpina Hussars. Later her subordinates would know her as being on the strict side, nearly humorless and mostly withdrawn socially. She suffered a number of injuries throughout her career which seemed to take a physical toll on her body beginning in the early 3080s. In 3087 she decided to retire from the cockpit, and pursued a career in politics.