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Name:Tammiko Maudlin
Serial Code:1YF88494DG3C7
Date Assigned to the DMM/MRBC: 2nd November, 3071
Contact Details:
Hair Colour:Black
Eye Colour:Brown
Height:170 cm
Weight:63 kg
Date of Birth:3024-May-10
Interests:History & Politics
Place of Birth:Free Worlds League
Race & Culture:Scottish Heritage

History: Born Tammiko Iris Maudlin, to Regina Lillian Maudlin and father Kenneth Bradford Maudlin, Tammiko is of average height, and very muscular. Major General Tammiko Maudlin was a common child-laborer in the mining pits of Stewart's northern continent when she came to the attention of Colonel Mellen Radick, then commander of the Stewart Home Guard. Her physical strength rivals that of an elemental, even though Tammiko is a half meter shorter. Her face is angular and well worn by the demands made on her during her formative years as a BattleMech pilot. What makes her worth mention is the remarkable family resemblance to Duke Hector Stewart, her older cousin. Tammiko is Hector Stewart's first cousin. Because Duke Stewart has no plans of stepping down, Tammiko has had to put up with hatred and scorn which goes beyond the stigma of her being a woman in a male dominated assembly. Not only has she been hounded by SAFE intelligence officers, who have gone over every facet of her relationship with her cousin, but she has had to endure the scrutiny and surveillance of the same officials who wait for her to use her position within the Star League in a covert attempt to aid her cousin. This unwanted, undeserved attention has taken its toll. Even though she believes that her cousin's decision to stay in office should be his own, the burden of constant scrutiny may eventually make her consider leaving the Star League Defense Force.

Personality Profile: The only blemish on a promising career is the Major General's paralyzing fear of space travel. Though Tammiko proved an excellent MechWarrior and showed great intuitive skills on the battlefield, attempts to cure her fear of space travel have not been successful. After thirty five years of service and hundreds of trips into space, she still must take psychomalleable drugs to control her phobia, drugs that have a definite effect on her leadership abilities early in a planetary campaign.