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Region: Draconis Combine
Ambassador: Tomoe Katsuie
X:63.79 Y:117.37
Planetary Capital: Cho
Primary Climate: Continental
Approximate Population: 271 Million People
Days to Jump Point:4.2 days
Planet Details:

The city of Cho is home to Spreading The Glories Incorporated, an arts and entertainment production and distribution firm. It mostly churns out war movies and morally instructive romances for consumption by the masses. Taking its cue from holos and films imported from other States, Spreading The Glories has lately begun producing horror films and musicals.

Its greatest hit is "The Attack of the Polymer-Coated Man," a horror holo. The musicals combine pageants and sentimental paeans to loyalty, honor, family love, and collectivism. Spreading The Glories has exported some works, leading to the Marik joke that you can't tell the firm's musicals from their horror films.

Technological Development:

World of moderate advancement; average educational systems and medical care; microelectronics can not be manufactured.

Industrial Level:

Basic heavy industry at level of 22nd century; fusion engines possible but no complex products (including BattleMechs).

Raw Material Dependence:

World/system must import much of its raw materials.

Industrial Output:

World has a small industrial base that may produce a limited number of products for export.

Agricultural Development:

World has and environment producing most foods, but relies on some imports for food not capable of being grown.