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Contract Type: Diversionary Raid

The diversionary raid may be the most dangerous duty of all the Mercenary missions. There raids are mounted against enemy planets to confuse the opposition and to divert reserves away from the real target of an interstellar campaign. Small forces launch planetary assaults on several different worlds and simulate attacks. When friendly forces make their real thrust elsewhere, the diversionary forces withdraw.

There assaults are fraught with danger. Defense against a diversionary attack is often especially strong because false information has been leaked to suggest that the attack is genuine. Diversionary forces are usually kept to a minimum (to save the bulk of the army for the real drive), but they are given orders to make a lot of noise and to cover a lot of ground. One or two Houses have the reputation for hoodwinking their own troops about the nature of an attack to further confuse the enemy, so that the attackers don't realize they are mounting a diversion until expected support fails to materialize.

The Kurita efforts in the direction have a less savory flavor. On several occasions, Kurita not only disguised his intentions from his diversionary forces, but he actually abandoned them to the enemy by withdrawing their transports after they were committed. Two House units and three mercenary units have been abandoned in this manner in recent years. Naturally most Houses prefer to use mercenaries for diversionary raids, because mercenaries are considered more expendable that and less loyal than regular House units.

When they know what to expect, mercenaries can earn very high fees for diversionary raids. They should also do their utmost to ensure the maximum possible support from the employer. A unit that lacks its own transports should rarely undertake such a mission for any House, and never for Kurita. It is usually wise for a unit embarking on a diversionary raid to leave some troops behind as a reserve, and to encourage the employer to keep faith. The only real advantage to accepting such an assignment is the books in reputation enjoyed by the mercenary unit who successfully carries out a diversionary operation.

Company Strength Detachment Payment Table
Months(Real Time)Bounty Per WordMinimum WordsBSBT

Battalion Strength Detachment Payment Table
Months(Real Time)Bounty Per WordMinimum WordsBSBT

Regiment Strength Detachment Payment Table
Months(Real Time)Bounty Per WordMinimum WordsBSBT

Months: In-Game length of Contract.
Real Time: Days passed in reality.
Bounty Per Word: How much C-Bills gain per word in a contract transcript.
Minimum Words: The minimum amount of words for the contract transcript.
BSBT: Bonus Salvage Bounty Target