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Unit Assigned Date Commenced Date Concluded Processed By Confirmed By
Aura Wings 2nd of November, 2016 16th of May, 2017 Timothy Joshua Reid Raymond Freeman MacCreary
Registered Contract: DC-DR-06-01
Galactic Coordinates: 
X: 26.08 Y: 25.82
Days to Jump Point: 
12 days
Primary Planetary Climate: 
Approximate Population: 
2.078 Billion People
Capital City: 
Sunder Falls
Contract Type: 
Diversionary Raid
Primary Operational Terrain: 
Contract Duration: 
6 Months (90 Days in REAL TIME) negotiable
Draconis Combine
Employer Contact: 
DCPS Liaison Tomoe Katsuie
Command Rights: 
Independent Command
Forces Recommended: 
A Regiment Strength Detachment
Supporting Forces: 
Enemy Forces: 
ULTRA and/or Free Worlds League Military
Supplement Contracts Offered: 
Bounty Per Word: 
1,800 C-Bills
Minimum Bounty: 
72,000 Word Transcript
Bonus Salvage Bounty Target: 
96,000 Word Transcript
Bonus Salvage Category: 
Type-D Salvage

Styx was aptly named by the first settlers to set up colonies on its storm-ravaged surface. Large oceans and the gravitational effects of its three moons are blamed for the violent storms that rage across the Stygian surface, often causing damage from flash floods and mudslides during the planet's rainy seasons. The first colonists, as a result, settled in the open plains of the interior regions of Epimethius, the primary continent, where the storms were least volatile.

A few short years after the first towns were established, geologists discovered high quantities of metal and radioactive minerals in the mountain ranges of Epimethius and the smaller, neighboring continent of Perdition. These deposits lured in mining firms, the largest of which was the Styx Mining Company, an interstellar corporation that specialized in mining difficult veins of valuable metals and quality refining processes. Styx came under the sway of the Terran Hegemony more than a century before the birth of the Star League, and its mineral wealth helped bolster the Hegemony's economy and military. Perhaps for this reason, the Draconis Combine came to covet Styx, culminating in the first true battle to use the BattleMech.

In 2443, a Combine armored company raided Styx, intending to seize and plunder several metal refineries on Perdition while testing the resolve of the Hegemony. The rain-slicked plains slowed the Kuritan tanks, which gave the Hegemony troops plenty of time to ready their new war machines. On the muddy plains outside the city of Barbados, the two forces clashed: a lance of Hegemony 'Mechs from the 801st Heavy Armored Regiment faced off against a full company of Combine tanks and infantry support. The results were so lopsided that few could argue the Hegemony's new BattleMech would not be the future king of the battlefield. The four 'Mechs easily trampled the entire Kuritan force, leaving only a single tank and some of its supporting infantry to scurry back to their DropShip.

Styx's mineral wealth attracted many raiders over the centuries, including a major engagement between Kurita and Davion forces over the Styx Mining Company's Beta facility near the city of Lake Wio. Despite this, Styx remains a major exporter of metals and radioactive minerals today. The Styx Mining Corporation's headquarters are in Memphis, on Epimethius. The planetary capital, Sunder Falls, is located 120 kilometers northwest of Memphis. Aside from Epimethius and Perdition, Styx's third large landmass is the island continent of Gehenna. Far less populous than the other two regions, Gehenna is home to a large spaceport city, Lindon's Folly, which is also home to one of the Styx Mining Company's large refineries.

Socio-Industrial Levels:
Technological Development
Advanced world with access to many new technologies; world hosts universities; good medical care available, though without benefit of bionics and other cutting-edge technologies; basic microelectronics industry.
Industrialization Level
Moderately industrialized; may produce a limited number/quantity of specific complex products.
Raw Material Dependence
World/system produces all the raw materials needed and commonly exports large quantities of surplus.
Industrial Output
World has a wide industrial base that produces many different types of products and exports most of its output.
Agricultural Dependence
World has and environment producing most foods, but relies on some imports for food not capable of being grown.

*** Alpha-Bravo Encryption YYG1Z6K Passed ***

Phase three of Operation Sunrise is here, the reclamation of a few key systems. Styx is far from the least valuable Dieron District systems that need to be reclaimed, but not yet.

Your command is to conduct a diversionary raid on the system, starting about one month in advance of our real offensive on our other target systems. Your mission is simple: put as much pressure on the defenders as possible and give them every opportunity to tell off-world units and up the League's chain of command just how much of a hell you're making life for them. You need to convince them that this is the real deal. Before you depart, you ships, 'Mechs and all other equipment and supplies will be painted and marked with the assistance of DCMS personnel to give the appearance of a line unit. More information about this will come forth with acceptance of the contract.

You will have no support on this mission except for two JumpShips available to bring you into the system. They will be scheduled to return three months later, and you will be on your own until then. If you are defeated and captured, the DCMS will not claim responsibility for your attack until after this wave of Operation Sunrise is completed. Due to the hazards of this duty, pay and salvage rights are excellent. See the above parameters for details.

1) Attack the Styx system in full force, giving the impression of a real invasion.
2) Evade capture if you are defeated.

1) Cause as much damage to the enemy as possible.
2) N/A